Thank you for choosing Elizabeth hotel, we are grateful for the pleasure of serving you và meeting your needs. We hope you visit Elizabeth khách sạn again soon. Thank you so much!


Dear Ms. Phuong. Thank you for your high score & for your remark which constantly help us in improving our standards & the service khổng lồ our guests. Kind regards,

The bag that I took khổng lồ charge 15k, I don't think like that for the first time in a hotel. Lun, when I booked, I didn't notice the price of the room, she had 1 person to have to lớn pay a surcharge of 250k/person, too disappointed, lost the card Since asking the staff to lớn fix the camera, I still have not answered, I have compensated 200k for the room until now, no one has called me back.

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Elizabeth khách sạn would lượt thích to thank you for your comments so that we can improve the service. Laundry bags are equipped for guests lớn use the laundry service at the hotel and there is no charge, in case the customer is satisfied with the bag's material and brings it back, it will be charged 15,000/piece. Elizabeth khách sạn has a rate for 1 guest and 2 guests, next time you can cảnh báo to review the reservation before paying to lớn avoid the case of mistakenly booking 1 guest, there will be a surcharge of 250,000 guests. / person / day including tax and buffet breakfast. The room key thẻ is handed over to the guest when staying at the hotel. Because of the security issue of the customer, I will compensate 200,000/card for you to lớn cancel the old card and if the hotel can find the room key card you set up. I will tương tác you lớn refund your money.
Trang L.
/ 10
18 Mar 2022
Nice clean room, reasonable price. 4-star service but for 1 guest, the price is also very favorable. Other food is quite good, each breakfast drink is not very good. This hotel is the perfect place lớn stay
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Huynh X. T.
/ 10
29 Jan 2022
I checked in at 22:00 but my room had a lot of crumbs, which made me think they didn't really clean my room before I checked in.
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nguyen x. H.
/ 10
01 Nov 2021
The staff is not enthusiastic, a bit uncomfortable, cumbersome procedures take time, check-in time is more than 30 minutes, breakfast is not very good, it is difficult to lớn borrow a bowl for the baby to lớn eat porridge.
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m Khnh D.
/ 10
27 Oct 2021
Service and facilities are very good, service responds quickly. Intend to tư vấn long term.
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/ 10
01 Dec 2020
The outside room looks very clean but the inside of the tub is stuck with an old towel, looking pretty dirty. Called twice khổng lồ notify the receptionist khổng lồ bring people up to lớn move, but only heard that no one came up. If you bởi vì not come up, you have to lớn tell me one hour, but why vì you keep silent? Slightly disappointed about that! Anyway, it's 4 stars? The rest are eating and drinking, and room amenities are fine.
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Accommodation Policies
Check-in/Check-out Time
From 14:00
Before 12:00
General Check-in Instructions
Children policy: Child under 6-year-old sharing bed with parents stay không tính phí of charge. Child from 6-11 years old sharing bed with parents will be charged as hotel’s policy. Extra charge for child will be paid directly khổng lồ hotel. • Child from 12 years old & up is considered as adult Dieu kien khach luu tru tai khach san theo quy dinh cua chinh phu:- Khach cu tru tai tinh Binh Duong da duoc tiem 01 mui vac xin SARS-CoV-2 sau thoi gian 14 ngay- Khach cu tru ngoai tinh domain authority duoc tiem du lieu vac xin hoac domain authority khoi benh COVID-19 hoac teo ket qua xet nghiem SARS-CoV-2 am tinh trong 72 gio ke tu khi co ket qua xet nghiem.
Additional Policy
Điều kiện khách tồn tại tại khách sạn theo nguyên tắc của chủ yếu phủ:- Khách cư trú tại tình bình dương đã được tiêm 01 mũi vắc xin SARS-CoV-2 sau thời gian 14 ngày- Khách trú ngụ ngoại tỉnh đã làm được tiêm đầy đủ liều vắc xin hoặc đang khỏi dịch COVID-19 hoặc có kết quả xét nghiệm SARS-CoV-2 âm thế trong 72 giờ kể từ lúc có hiệu quả xét nghiệm.
Hotel Description
Elizabeth khách sạn is located in area / thành phố Phu Hoa Ward.

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There are plenty of tourist attractions nearby, such as dẻo Nam mở cửa Zoo within 9.96 km, and Cu chi Tunnels within 29.84 km.

About Elizabeth Hotel

Elizabeth hotel is the splendid choice for you who are seeking a luxurious treat for your holiday. Get pampered with the most excellent services and make your holiday memorable by staying here.

When staying at a hotel, the design and architecture are two important factors that can spoil your eyes. With its unique setting, Elizabeth khách sạn provides a pleasant accommodation for your stay.

Have fun with various entertaining facilities for you & the whole family at Elizabeth Hotel, a wonderful accommodation for your family holiday.

If you plan lớn have a long-term stay, staying at Elizabeth khách sạn is the right choice for you. Providing wide range of facilities và great service quality, this accommodation certainly makes you feel at home.

Be ready khổng lồ get the unforgettable stay experience by its exclusive service, completed by a full range of facilities khổng lồ cater all your needs.

The hotel’s fitness center is a must-try during your stay here.

Have an enjoyable & relaxing day at the pool, whether you’re traveling solo or with your loved ones.

24-hours front desk is available to lớn serve you, from check-in khổng lồ check-out, or any assistance you need. Should you desire more, bởi vì not hesitate lớn ask the front desk, we are always ready khổng lồ accommodate you.

Savor your favorite dishes with special cuisines from Elizabeth khách sạn exclusively for you.

WiFi is available within public areas of the property lớn help you lớn stay connected with family and friends.

Elizabeth khách sạn is a hotel with great comfort and excellent service according lớn most hotel's guests.

Enjoy luxurious treats và incomparable experience by staying at Elizabeth Hotel.